Moving Tips To Save You Both Time And Money

Do you need moving tips? There’s no one in a better position to help you out than the men and women that help people move every day. Moving people and their lives across the country is what we do, so sit back relax and take a look at our most important tips. 


Keeping Your Move On Schedule

Once you decide its time to move, clean out your basement, attic and closets.

When you call the moving company, remember to ask if they are insured and make sure this call is made at least 2 weeks prior the moving date. Ask for a copy of their policy or terms of service. Ensure that you submit your change of address form at least a week before the movement date.

Create a schedule for the items that have to be disconnected and this should be about a week before you move, so when you get to your new apartment, your home would be ready for use. These items include phone, cable, utilities etc. remember to cancel all cable, newspapers, cleaning help, pest control services about a week before you move. Wait behind so you can pack all your cleaning tools such as brooms, mops, dust cloths etc. after the last cleanup particularly if you have a security deposit. 

Easy-To-Forget Moving Reminders

Do not leave the hardware of your furniture behind. Get a screw bag to pack all the screws that you removed when taking things apart and take it with you, so you don’t have difficulties setting up your new place. Go through the owner’s manual for the big items you intend to move. This covers the dryers and washers and so on. Remember to remove your artwork from the wall and disconnect all electrical appliances.

There are some items that are illegal to transport across state lines – bottled gasses, gasoline and other flammables. Get rid of them before hand.

Have a grab bag for your charger, toothbrush and other basic thing that you can’t do without for 72 hours. It’s not an emergency but it could be beneficial if you treated it like one.

How To Ensure A Smooth Move Day

Giving your kids little tasks makes them feel important. Have them handle little meaningful tasks so they stay out of the way while you handle the more important stuff. Ensure you have cash and snacks within easy reach. And protect your tile and wood floors from scratches by using felt pads.