Pack Like A Pro

It can be a little overwhelming to pack up your stuff, especially when you’ve been there for a very long time. Apart from the physically taxing act of packing your stuff into boxes, there’s also the emotional and sentimental stress that comes with it. We understand this perfectly and are fully committed to making your moving as seamless as possible.

We have seen people with all kinds of sentimental attachment to their homes within our time of helping people move and this has given us the experience we need to handle just about every situation related to moving.

Get Organized And Start Packing Early

Opening all doors and drawers is the best way to ensure you have packed all your stuff. The moment you empty a particular section of the house, close or even lock it to show you have finished with that part of the house. Do not mix items from different rooms up to avoid confusion. You could use suitcases for the cloths in drawers while using wardrobe boxes for those in the closet. Use as much packing paper as possible to ensure your belongings are safe.

When packing, dishes should be stacked up to avoid potential breakage. Do not wrap china in newsprints because there is a high chance that they would stain your dishes.

The kitchen is usually the hardest to pack and it takes more time to individually wrap all the items in the kitchen. So you should set aside a specific time for it.

Prep Your Belongings For A Smooth Move-In

All your electronic equipment like TVs and home theatres should be packed in their original boxes or you could use bubble wrap for the ones that you don’t have its carton. Ensure all boxes are closed and sealed. You don’t want items falling out.

All sentimental and important documents should be packed such that they would be easily accessible – photo albums, insurance information, family records, passports and children’s health records.

Do not forget to label all boxes – for instance, items from the playroom should have “playroom” written on the box; same with kitchen and living room and all other rooms. Try not to make use of old or used boxes from supermarkets. You can’t be sure if the box is strong enough to hold your stuff.

Its safer to breakdown animal kennels before transporting them because there is a high chance that they would get broken if transported as a whole. All breakables should be packed and unpacked over a padded surface.

Lubricating oil could spill out of equipment like mixers so ensure you never tip stand them when packing or unpacking.

Books should be packed in smaller boxes because they could get very heavy real quick.

Last Minute Packing

Everything you would likely need almost immediately should be moved first. Pack them separately and have your movers pack them in their first truck.

Ensure that all boxes are taped both at the base and at the top for extra protection.